Adekunle Gold opens up on how he consistently gets into the heart of people through his music, his life as a celebrity and future expectations.

Arriving at the location for the video shoot of Naomi featuring Adekunle Gold, which was the venue fixed for the interview with the singer who has cleverly contrived his music into the heart of people with his style that seems to be a break from the norm or we will like to call a breath of fresh air …

Our cover’s personality during the interview was quite distinct from our perception of what we see on screen, as he was filled with so much life and fun;  we laughed all through the interview session. We were completely blown away by his show of affection, humility, and love, we are still yet to get over it!

Adekunle Gold who has been on a successful run with the release of three officials singles Sade, Orente and Pickup, is indisputably becoming a force to reckon with in the Nigerian musical scene. He opened up on how he consistently gets into the heart of people through his music, his life as a celebrity and future expectations.

What was growing up like?

It was pretty challenging growing up, I grew up learning a lot of things, there was a lot of hard time, learned a lot of lessons and challenges. At the age of 14, I said to myself double dating is a progression to polygamy because had seen a lot of things that helped me in shaping my life for the future. There were so many things I vouched not to do while I was growing up when I find myself do those things now I feel terribly bad about it because I swore never to do them. Regardless of all that I had a guide for my life and Music was a part of it.

I am from a family of four, dad is a principal and mum a teacher so you can have a sneak peek on how strict my parents were while I was growing up lol …

How did you come up with the name Adekunle Gold?

My name is Adekunle Kosoko, I am related to the Kosoko family who is into Nollywood. As a brand developer, I understood the concept of branding.  Kosoko is known to be a family that acts, and since I was not into acting, I felt it was wise to use a name that had no affiliation with the ‘Kosoko’ for Clarity of purpose and career.  I kept telling God I needed a name, on a fateful day in church, the pastor kept saying ‘you cannot substitute brass for gold ‘, so I took a cue from that and made GOLD a suffix to my name.

Why did you delve into Music?

Every other thing I aspired to do was after music, I wanted to become a lot of things, a lawyer, a civil engineer and many others……. but they just never worked out.

Inspiration behind Sade

There was a Sade girl I really liked, I was on her case for a long time, but she kept saying she was not ready, I did everything possible to get her but she just wouldn’t yield, all the lyrics from the songs were not literal I was going to do all that for her, except for the part I said I was almost 30 Lol….. I was going to drop an EP in 2014, and release a song in may but I had to pause, due to the chibok girls’ saga. When I finally was going to drop the 5 song EP I thought of doing Sade, I played Sade’s chorus using one of the beats from one direction’s song ‘story of my life ‘, recorded the song in the car ….

Did you ever think Sade was going to enjoy such Massive Airplay?

No , I never thought it was going to  enjoy such massive airplay , I did not see it coming , there were days I woke up feeling why am I not Bruno Mars and I get really angry about it,  I was doing a lot of music like Bruno Mars it was working for me but seemed people were not seeing it, so there  was a need to change,  since I was heavy on Yoruba sound, and I loved a lot of English sound.    I decided to carve a genre for myself in urban high life, a fusion of pop, rock and the indigenous Yoruba sound. I have done a lot of songs in that genre, Sade came after them, I just needed to test the market, we all know the music industry is saturated and it really worked. After focusing on music for 15 years I just needed a break, Sade really was a break ……

How did you get signed to the YBNL record label?

I have been doing designs for Olamide, Lil Kesh, and Victor, I designed the  YBNL’S logo, when I dropped Sade he liked it and asked that I be a part of the YBNL, I got signed after Sade and the video was shot by the record label

Favorite Nigerian Artiste?


Who writes your songs?

I write all my songs

What will you do to remain relevant in the Industry amidst the stiff competition and your style of music?

I do not intend to forget God, my music is unique, when I dropped Sade it was like a breath of fresh Air, seemed people have been waiting for a change, wondering where this guy has been all the while. I do not intend changing my style of music.

Do you like to hang out or stay indoors?

I love to hang out a lot, I am very restless ……

What was the inspiration behind Orente?

I have a lot of female friends who are very loyal to their partners, I call them virtuous women, I thought they needed to be appreciated, nobody sings about the good girls …..

What qualities must your type of woman have?

A woman has to be very hardworking, I cannot stand a woman who doesn’t know what to do in life.

What would you like to change about the Musical Industry in Nigeria?

I hope I have been able to break a barrier, I have taught some people to be fearless, just do you. You do not have to join the wagon, your own break will come!

Do you like the celebrity status?

It is a lot of fun, the attention, and glamour but it really can be stressful especially when you are just coming up. You cannot repeat your clothes, I have to check my Instagram page before wearing an outfit to be sure I haven’t posted it on Instagram before Lol. You have to be positioned, branded at every point, you have to look good before granting interviews it’s a lot of work

Adekunle Gold in Five Years?

Adekunle Gold will be a household name, everyone in Africa should be able to reckon with that name.  In 7 months, I could not count a number of feedbacks I got from shade  , the relationships Sade healed, taken to the next level, inspired a lot of wedding proposals, strengthened a lot of relationships. This makes me fulfilled and I intend to keep making good and meaningful songs that will always pass a message, even as much as I want to entertain.

Message for upcoming Acts?

Keep working, you will get tired trust me, I have been doing this for 12 to 15 years before I finally got a break. When you are falling and getting to the end of the road, tie a knot and hang on!



















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  1. Man had always been a go-getter and it eventually paid off for him. I think this is the highlight for me- Determination, persistence, assertiveness and hard work with a sense of purpose will always pay off. it might take a while but it eventually will. Thanks for sharing

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