Man manual with Nollywood heart-throbs Enyinna Nwigwe and Okey Uzoeshi

We delved into the world of these cute and amazing Nollywood actors to find out their thoughts on the opposite sex  and they were quite hilarious and exhilarating.

How would you get a lady to notice you?

Enyinna – If she turns my way i will smile

Okey –   By walking up to her, why beat around the bush?

How will a woman get your attention?

Enyinna – Right composure in the right environment

Okey – A woman who is beautiful and confident, not trying to get your attention, or trying to be confident, but she really is confident !

Wildest thing on a boy’s Night out?

Enyinna – I got back home  found my buddy drunk and naked on the floor in my living room, he left before me because he had my keys .

Okey –    A friend of mine got drunk and threw up in my living room ….. It was pretty much messy lol …..


Favorite part of a girl’s body ?

Enyinna –   flat tummy , with the right curves in the right places …. Slightly heavy legs and slightly bow lol

Okey   – Great skin and long legs

Worst line ever used on a girl ?

Enyinna – I really cannot remember

Okey-      I think you look familiar lol

One thing you will never understand about women?

Enyinna –     what they really want from men ………

Okey –          Half a time you really think you know what they want , more like you know what?  You are really upsetting me! But am not angry loool …. We really cannot place what they want at times.

Greatest turn off in opposite sex?

Enyinna – Mouth odor

Okey –        Bad attitude

Biggest misconception about men ?

Enyinna – All men are dogs

Okey –   All men are dogs

Sassy moves you love to see in a lady ?

Enyinna –   She has to be witty, and stimulating in conversation for me.

Okey –     It is quite relative for me, hey don’t sass me on the first day you meet me, I think that is a bad attitude ….. When we get to know each other and we become friends you can sass me

Most romantic thing you ever did for a girl?

Enyinna –   lol that is too scripted for me, have done a lot of romantic things every other person could have also done ….

Okey – Deep not so easy to answer …….



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