Reekado banks resonates on childhood and his struggle to stardom.


 Having come from a disciplined background how did you carve a niche for yourself in the music industry?

It wasn’t hard getting my parent to support my music because they always wanted their children to do whatever they want to do, my dad just said remain being the good boy. I can’t remember when I wanted to do music but the thing just kept coming way back, it got to a point where it became more than a habit but a lifestyle, when I wake up I just want to do something related to music.

What music did you grow up listening to?

Traditional gospel music because dad was a pastor.

Did it shape your genre of music? 

I really cannot say, but the little Yoruba flavor from my music must have been gotten from there

You were selected from 5000 entries for the Mavins talent discovery what do you think influenced your selection? Luck, God’s blessing or hard work?

Blessing it was God’s time

Meanest thing ever said to you?

My lecturer said I was never going to make it through music

How do you cope with pushy media?

I have gotten used to the fact that people have to say what they want to say and have got to do what I got to do.

What message does your music convey?

I can’t streamline it comes with different vibes and waves.

Did anyone inspire katapot?

No, I am a songwriter and I can always put loads of pieces together

Personal drive to life?

Not getting back to where am coming from

How bad was the struggle to stardom?

I did not have the worse, I am not the type to start glorifying the down times but It was quite rough

How do you define success?

Success is quite relative to me, some people desire to be like don jazzy some as Timbaland

Do you see yourself putting up a record label soon or leaving the Mavins?

I do not know how a record label works as it is quite stressful, it is like being a determinant of how far people will go in life. I’d rather help people when I can. Am staying with Mavins for the long run as God pleases

What would you like to change about the music industry in Nigeria?

I think everything is going well, the improvement has been amazing, except the fact that our music doesn’t spread as far as it should be.

Special thanks to anybody who helped you this far?

Timi my brother, tega,  donjazzy , lekan , marve , all these guys have annoyed me enough to push me to get to where I am

Reekado banks in five years?

Will be Alive, popular, recording and making hits

Advice for upcoming acts?

Work like you don’t pray, pray like you don’t work and always seek advice.

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