Think business with Dunsin Steve; THE FUTURE OF MARKETING IS ART

Walk into the lobby of any of the biggest brands around the world, and you’re likely to see the kind of content marketing that the people with the purse strings like; “ART”. Art impresses; Art communicates; Art has an impact.

With the rise of creators (now a market worth $2bn), digital content marketers are beginning to turn to art as an effective content marketing solution.

On December 2, 2016, I live streamed and attended the Content Marketing World Conference and Expo which was much interesting and insightful and it made me think (along with other things) as to the changes that have happened in the course of my career and the direction I think we’re heading.

One of the lightning talks took a fictional look at how content marketing might be in 2020.

In many ways when I think back 10 years to when I started in Content Marketing the world has changed hugely – social media, the rise of youtube, website development and online sales – the idea of cloud computing was foreign those years ago. However these changes while seismic have not registered highly on the richer scale (to continue the metaphor). Invariably change happens at a much slower rate than we expect. Also, by the very nature of change, not all of us are early adopters, innovations happen, and some are kept whereas another fall by the wayside. Two that spring to mind is twitter and second life – both were picked up at the same time but only twitter has been widely adopted.

So where does this leave us, and me? Well, I started to think about the things that I’d like to look at over the next 5 to 10 years, the changes I think will actually be adopted, the directions we will go and the places we will see. Some of these are arts marketing, some are my inclination about more organizational issues.

The next four years will see the content led marketing move to the foreground, the homepages will become feasts of interesting information. What we see at the moment is content about products and services – what the future will bring is podcast and more video but also, content around the themes or context of each work. Take for instance if there’s a play about immigration, expect work about the Syrian conflict, surviving as a refugee and about the history of migration. The future of marketing will belong to the geeky data analysts and the content creators.

As always these views are my own and do not represent the views of anyone I work with or for (nor Content Marketing Institute, I merely had the thoughts while at their conference!).

‎Why are we not seriously looking at making our lives more enjoyable – we need to break systems causing issues before they break us.

We have arrived the path that has to communicate, impress and impact regardless of how long it will take; we need to Quak up to Meetup (Pidgin Involved) with our creativity and abilities involved. Together, we must strive to meet up with the vision.



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