The Day I Met My Alter Ego; A Rare Bird of Fashion

2 long hours and we finally got to the resort at the other side of town; I’m like “Issa Israelite journey”.

It was weirdly serene and completely-completely different from the mad crowd I had envisioned in my head. You know, a typical Saturday, in Lagos, at a Public Place, does not naturally come with serenity, but this one was surprisingly different.


The dawn of its calmness coupled with our All-access Pass to all the facilities inspired my very first smile.

It was a beautiful day, it had rained lightly that morning but I like to think that God heard my little prayer of pausing the rain for a few hours; you know, God’s princess, salt-of-the-earth, can’t-get-wet kind of plea.. lol. Seriously though, the rain ceased. We locked it down in the spirit.

Stepped into the resort and WhaaaaAAM 30 Billion hectares of land lay before us (😆 😅, no kidding…) I’m like “na one Igbo businessman go own this place… and really, I duff my hat for the chief, he didn’t come to this world to play”.

So much thought must have been put into establishing this resort, cause it sure lives up to the tag “One Location – Multiple Attractions”; ah mean it houses an amusement Park, a Quad Bike Lane, a Zoo, Go Kart track, Archery, Horse Riding section, a Blue Themed Aquarium, Pools, all of it, name eett!

It was soo remarkable as I started ticking things off my bucket list like; Go- Kart Racing with able bodied men (and not win), Get a pool-dip all dressed up, explore an aquarium, take selfies with wild animals, Ride a Bike – check, Shoot a Bow and Arrow – check check..hahaa. I was on such a spree and I didn’t want it to end.

A little bird told us the party was happening at the zoo, and almost immediately, we began to hear chirps, screeches, whines, bellows and squeaks.


We met the beast of burden, the ship of the dessert, the Tree climbers, the alligator masters, the old world porcupines, the wise man from our childhood tales, the sea creatures in the dark blue room and then Simba!!!!!

I was already stirred by the legendary Lion flaunting his kingship, the carnivorous crocodile feeding on newly born chicks, the un-caged camel allowing me stand next to him without attempting to attack and the monkeys acting so humanly. Little did I know that I was just about to get overwhelmed by a thought-provoker of some sort, a damzzzel in animal form. A commander of all things elegant.

She was a figure to behold, adorned in one of those high-end fashion full-feathered capes, it was a bit gothic, but in a way that made me so freaking excited. She was strutting her stuff and competing for attention with me in my bell-sleeved blouse and super-free skirt; lmao… It was an unofficial black-outfit contest but I didn’t stand a chance even if I tried. She won e-f-f-o-r-t-l-e-s-s-l-y! She won my attention, my admiration, my awe and of course my phone battery (because snapchat).

She rose to her full height at the other side of the cage… aahhhh.. 6 feet tall… Definitely 6 feet!!! She looked around and dramatically shook her wings to settle her expensive feathers and walked toward the tail end of the cage where I stood in total reverie. At this point, I was giggling uncontrollably. She was flushed with an avid pink blush that highlighted her neck and legs as her breathing impulse quickened. Her coral lipstick smile, her black and off-white cape, those terrific legs. . . . Who gave her those mile-high shoes?!

She strutted towards me with such poise and grace; I was like “shiii where’s ma phone…!”

Her unflinching eyes peered at me from beneath the sunshade of two-inch lashes, boldly defined with brown eye shadow — the effect . . . not of nature’s gift, but of burying her head in powdery particles of earth.  Her neck swelled like a teenage boy’s pilled-up socks. Without much appeal, she entertained me, puffing and steering her wings in the most magnificent way you can ever imagine. She was such an unexpected charmer, a real switcher: so butch, so daunting.

For the first time in my life I didn’t think so much of the Lion’s grace ‘cause there and then, the Lion’s dexterity paled in comparison to this Rare Bird’s.

The ostrich is one of the most restrained birds on earth, being that an ostrich can’t naturally do what birds are programmed to do, FLY. Call it some divine form of compensation, but it exudes a kind of drive that makes you completely blind to its flightless wings.

In the few minutes spent with her, I learnt from this skin deep beauty to quit brooding over my inabilities, get my flightless wings and use them for something absolutely rewarding; say draping  women in jaw dropping, accident causing (scratch that) day brightening outfits.., or simply helping you realize that you don’t have to be tied  down by physical limitations; you can live today to the fullest, enjoying the little things, creating beautiful memories, dreaming Big, you know, whatever beats the literal art of flying!!

Inspiration: Omu Resort’s Ostrich

Outfit: Folabomi |Draped-in-Wealth|

Post Editors: Tomisin and Omoshewa

Pictures Credit 📷David



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