Movie Review: Tribunal by Kunle Afolayan

“Oyinbo pepper, shukushuku pepper. If you chopu pepper, you go yellow well well.” Bet you sang that as a kid.

The movie Tribunal is a tale of eventual bliss in the matrimony of two ill fated men, and an absolute expression of opportunity in an almost doomed situation. In life no one should thrive on past glory, but when met with depression and demotivation, the memories of how you were once successful should spur you to victory. An absolute reminder of the Yoruba proverb that transcribes, “a man is either chasing after something or being chased by something.” This goes to show that even a scary situation can serve as sufficient motivation. One can either chase after success or flee from failure, either ways, it is safe to find purpose in what life throws at you.

The tribunal sheds light on the life of an albino being discriminated against. He was confronted with accepting his skin colour as a limitation but he chose to fight it against all odds. Having being cheated out of relevance twice, he was bent on correcting his fortunes. A lot of us are challenged by life daily, marked by the society, and casted out against our will and right judgement, but will rather walk away quietly, accepting defeat instead of standing up for what is right. How many times have you turned back because someone said you didn’t belong there? How would you know if you fit in if you don’t get into the room? This movie reminds everyone who sees it of what it means to be courageous.

Barrister Disu as played by Funsho Adeolu, a charge and bail lawyer chasing after nothing until purpose came knocking disguised as a mountain. A victim of his favourite quote, “everyone has a strategy until being punched in the face.” He had a beautiful life that was tainted by a traumatic loss of family and friendship. A glitch of fate: a sudden transformation from formidable to vulnerable. Life punched him in the face and he lost his footing. His character expound themes of betrayal, emotional trauma and addiction from loneliness. A man trying to escape from reality effortlessly, but to no avail. There couldn’t have been a better cast for this role.

From my perspective as a storyteller with a prose background, I can’t stop applauding the creative juices of the writer and the execution of the cast and crew. It continually lands you in thoughts but gives you something to smile about. Delivery from actors was succinct! I didn’t expect less, yet I got more. The role of Miss Abebe as interpreted by Omotola Jolade Ekehinde reminded me of why she is one of the best. Acting with dialogues is easy but it is exceptional when you have to deliver with few words, loads of mannerism and patterned gestures. She showed what if feels to go from a victim to a villain, then overconfident to demoralized.

Tanwa, a freshly baked lawyer became the archichect of a sweet victory. She knew what she knew and built her desire on it. She could have been discouraged by appearance but she understood that what looks wrong might just need a little fixing. In life, we are all faulty. Hence no one is beyond repair, we just need the right engineer (people and relationship).

I can go on but I don’t want to be a pirate. Say no to piracy, visit the cinema today. Go and watch Nobert Young and Bimbo Manuel in action, Senior Actors of Nigeria (SAN), Lol. Only those who have seen it will understand.

The Tribunal is emotion set in motion, with a blend of chaos and a touch of serenity. An absolute pleasure to have seen this movie, you should do the same. Kunle Afolayan and Tunde Babalola delivered again!

  1. Nice write-up. Would have loved for it to go on and on but I don’t support piracy too (lol). Would try see the movie. Kudos to KA.He always delivers.

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