The Attention whores by Tofunmi Akinseye

Enjoying the thrills of the Night at a very popular event during the festive season last year December, amidst the queer something caught my attention, it wasn’t absurd but garnered a lot of thoughts for me till the end of the event. Now you must begin to wonder what it was, I bet it was nothing out of the world but I went home seeing life from a different perspective. Oh, yea! It’s time to save you from my mystery and let the cat out of the bag.

Basket Mouth and Bovi the ace comedians in Nigeria were present at the event, and they announced it was time for some giveaways courtesy Baba Ijebu and guess what it was? It was the craze of the moment ‘Iphone7’ they’d given out some to the lucky winners whose numbers were called, but they still had some more to give; still carried away by the sheer generosity a lady from nowhere came to the stage looking very unassuming; faced the comedians giving out the phone and said it was her birthday and she thinks she deserves the phone; they commended her guts and handed her a brand new Iphone7!!! Whoop that was it she became 300,000 richer if not more!

There I was wishing it was me thinking of how I would have sold the phone if I were to have won to expand my business coupled with the fact that I had a good phone at the moment, I know a lot of people wished they were in her shoes but were too timid to take such bold step. This might sound like no big deal, you probably must have seen a lot of these daring moves by a lot of people here in Lagos, but this got me really pumped. It just confirmed that people who make it to the top are usually those who never conform and never care about what people have to say their minds are only gazed at achieving their goals. I have seen quite a lot of people who seize the tiniest of opportunities to get to the top either done decently or not, it never mattered much to them; even when it seemed indecent and desperate to us ‘Normal minds’ we labeled them ‘Social climbers’. They’re the individuals with the fascination for social status, new technology, risks, and excitement, usually impulsive and quite adventurous, often time we refer to them as being ‘crazy’.

It’s no wonder why a lot of people do the same job but only a few are recognized or make it to the top and then you hear things like ‘she is just a makeup artist’ when you notice a lot of importance and attention are accorded to them and sometimes they are referred to as celebrities, subtly gaining a wide fan base, especially with the advent of social media. In an interview with Bobriksy the controversial cross-dresser; he explained how difficult it was surviving and how he had to go out of the norm just to make it, in his words ‘If you don’t risk things in life you can’t get there’.

You will agree with me that people at the top have either looked stupid or weird to you. Recently in a conversation with a colleague having the famous ‘Toke Makinwa’ headlining our discussion on social climbers, he said there was nothing wrong with being a social climber it’s all hustle; you do whatever works for you he exclaimed!Hmmm did I just mention ‘Toke Makinwa’ phew I don’t wanna go there! Need to end this.

The only brooding thing for me here as I wrap this is, are these set of people born with these traits in them, or have they just over time developed these traits out of societal pressures? At what point does social climbing become overbearing and how sustainable is it?

Well in the end I guess all that would matter are the footprints we leave on the sand of time.

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