One Corner: an expression of art or a show of insanity

So much fuss has been going around as regards the trending One Corner song by Ghanaian artiste(s) Patapaa ft Ras Cann because of the dance that accompanies it. Though collected that the song has been airing for some months now, it has become evident that the spirit of the dance in the past few weeks have enveloped the body of most youths across Africa, especially in Ghana and Nigeria.

Whether on the street, in the club or in a social event, everyone goes wild at the introduction of the song. With a beat that complements it aggressiveness, you spontaneously see people running to different corners to grab an object or a person in a rash and seductive manner. As in Africa where we make use of every opportunity to express ourselves against the odds of our slow development, it is unclear whether this dance should be seen as an expression of art or a show of insanity.

Trending videos have seen soldiers in Ghana doing the deed, a popular twerk queen in Nigeria embracing the intoxication and the most popular one is the wild performance of the song by Patapaa that saw hundreds of people bouncing on the floor in the name of dancing. I have even been caught unawares doing the same to my chair. You must have heard unconfirmed rumors of a woman who died in the process. Question is how far does entertainment have to go?

It’s been said that dance is the expression of the inward spirit, perhaps the spirits have come out to play.

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