Lewa Lifestyle launches her Lewa Woman campaign series featuring Abuja Wellness influencer, Onyinye


Yogi and Wellness Influencer, Onyinye is the Ultimate Luxe Chic for Lewa Woman Campaign Series, she shows stylish ways to pull off daring looks in the LEWA WOMAN CAMPAIGN  series,

While shooting this campaign they had the opportunity to have a brief conversation with Onyinye about what it’s like to be a yogi, and her thoughts on beauty and a beautiful life.


LL: What wellness and beauty mantras do you swear by?

O: Drink a lot of water, pamper yourself as much as you can. Fall back on self love when there’s a lot of toxic situations and people around. I believe that when you treat wellness there’s a direct relation to beauty. Taking care of the inside means beauty on the outside.


LL: How did you get into yoga?

O: It was a quest. I was having fun doing some awkward poses and getting marveled at the fact that my body could do this. Discovering that I was just doing this but it was changing me. I’m very inquisitive, I just want to search, learn and see where things lead and with yoga it was being inquisitive. Seeing how it helped me discover me and also changed my personality.

LL: Are there challenges with being a yoga instructor?

O: I do not care what others think. Its about where I’m going and how it affects me. I say I have fulfillment in life with yoga and out of teaching yoga. Seeing people become better at yoga fills me with joy. As long as I find fulfillment nothing else matters.

LL: Final question. Lewa Lifestyle is the name of this brand and Lewa means beauty. So we want to ask what makes a beautiful life for you?

O: Life is short. I lost my father at a very young age. The experience of losing someone opens your eyes to what life is really about. At every point live your best life and live in awareness. Be in the moment, its not about tomorrow, its about this very moment in which I’m speaking, just experience it and be in it and learn from every moment. Living in awareness helps us see what we can learn from life in ever moment and just enjoy it.

Living in awareness is living beautifully



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