Tallulah Glossy,TV girl/beauty entrepreneur is breaking more grounds and building legacies……

Imagine the ecstatic curiosity that hits your mind when you meet a confident and beautiful woman who defines herself as a happy woman. You know what it means to be happy but you can’t deny the positive feeling that there’s more to that self representation that underlines purpose and aligns with fulfillment. Such was the impression we got from our interview with Tallulah Glossy, divine and expressive. Distinctly known for her prowess as a TV presenter, elegant Tallulah is also an intrinsically motivated entrepreneur, the CEO of WOW nails. An inward dive into her background and lifestyle revealed in inspiring details how much walk and work she has put into passion, and hurdles she has had to jump over. She knew what she wanted and dedicated her being to getting it. Here’s a fact, there is no holding back Tallulah as she hopes to break more grounds and build legacies strong enough to inspire the coming generation. In this interview, she talks about her life, her job and business.

Tallulah would you like to introduce yourself?

My name is Tallulah I’m an entrepreneur /TV presenter/ Youtuber / Podcaster/ Happy Woman!

Tell us about your journey into being a TV girl

I started off by doing my Masters in Journalism at City University in London then got recruited while still there to work for ITV News in the UK. I was a TV news journalist for a couple of years in the UK then when I moved to Nigeria I decided to pivot into entertainment and worked at Spice presenting ‘Style 101’ a fashion police type show and ‘Fashion 360’ a daily entertainment news roundup before moving to Ebonylife TV where I work now co-hosting “Moments’ and “VVIP Events”.

How did you get on Moments?

I already worked at Ebonylife TV as one of the co-hosts on “VVIP Events” so when a spot came up on the Moments couch I auditioned and I got the job.

Are there challenges peculiar to women on screen?

Yes, I think the biggest challenge is the inaccurate perception that we are all airheads that spend hours on our hair, makeup and outfits and don’t have much else to offer. When in reality it’s the total opposite. All the media girls I know are whip smart, articulate and super entrepreneurial or creative in one way or another. I think part of it is due to social media, which makes people think they know everything about you but I can speak for myself that what I put on social media is only a small fraction of my life.

At what point did you think of business? Which came first?

I started up Wow Nails when I first moved to Nigeria and was a feature writer at TW magazine. I wanted a side hustle I was passionate about so started it in my spare time and it just grew from there. The advice I would give anyone with a business idea is start now, start today, don’t procrastinate or put if off because you don’t know what it can grow to.

Do you think your being a TV girl did influence your business positively?

Yes definitely because I’m able to meet and network with a lot of people. It’s also helped me develop my ability to market my business as I’m able to build my brand and market my business side by side.

What excites you most about being a beauty entrepreneur?

The ability to make women feel confident and change how someone perceives them; the saying that when you look good you feel good is really true. Also I love being able to go to exhibitions and trade shows to discover the latest beauty technologies and releases as I’m a beauty junkie at heart.

How do you merge being a TV host and a beauty entrepreneur?

I have a great team! I always say I’m not a superwoman I definitely can’t do it all nor would I want the stress of doing it all on my shoulders. I think that as women there is this myth of the heroine who is super efficient and juggles everything effortlessly and I think that does a disservice because women then put themselves under pressure. I have great staff and a great team, everyone has a specific role and together we make it work.

How did you get funding for your business?

I’ve never had funding! I literally started really small by renting one small corner in a boutique and hiring one nail technician that’s all I could afford at the time and from there the business has grown. So I always emphasize to up and coming entrepreneurs to never be afraid to start small. In fact it’s the best thing you can do for your business because you will grow and learn at the same time thereby avoiding a lot of mistakes.

What differentiates Wow Nails from other nail studios?

Well initially when we started back in 2012 nail art was our differentiator but now everyone does nail art and now we have our own line of press on nails called “Confetti Beauty”, which comes in over 10 different designs. I’m happy to say we are constantly growing and evolving and new ideas are always coming to fruition. Apart from our products, we like to think of ourselves as your local friendly neighborhood nail bar; come hang out, gist, laugh, Watch Ebonylifetv, Zee World, Telemundo and get your nails done.

How has the journey been so far for you? Learning curves for you?

The journey has been bittersweet there have definitely been hard times but the ability to come through them while learning important lessons has been life changing. I’m a big believer in positivity and persistence if you can’t always be positive try to hang on, the brightest dawn always comes after the darkest night.

How much creativity goes into your nail craft?

Wow Nails nail technicians undergo frequent training to ensure we’re always on the cutting edge and aware of the newest nail art techniques. And I have to give my team props they are very creative because they are genuinely passionate about what they’re doing.

Where do you see your personal and business brand in five years?

Steadily growing! It’s hard to predict but with God’s grace, persistence, team work and constant self improvement the sky’s the limit!


Picture credit- Ujuestelo, Onobello.com, 360nobs.com



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