How Meghan Markle broke all the eligibility rules of marrying a prince and what this says about Nigerian single women by Nkechi Bianze.


The most anticipated royal wedding happened over the weekend and has left people with all sort of feelings, fantasies and emotions.

Feminist Nkechi Bianze has these to say to Nigerian single women;

Meghan Markle is 36 (almost 37), and she is getting married to a man who can pass as one of the most eligible bachelors on earth.

She is mixed race.

She is divorced.

She’s been in the media for a long time.

She’s American.

She’s not from a royal home.

She’s older than Prince Harry.

She’s broken almost all the rules that makes her eligible to be a wife to a Prince. But, she’s getting married to the Prince, and news have it that she will be walked down the aisle by her to be father in law, Prince Charles.

Dear Nigerian single women, STOP BEING DESPERATE!

If you are lucky to find the right man at a younger age and you are ready, by all means get married.


Do NOT make the mistake of settling for the wrong man simply because you are over 30 and all your mates are getting married.

Wait for the right man.

When the right man comes, your age will not matter much. He will love you for you. He will fight for you against all odds.

There are so many beautiful young British women who ticked all the boxes that qualify them to be married to the Prince, but Harry is going for who his heart wants. Seeing that Meghan doesn’t even “fit in”, it’s obvious that Harry fought for her. That’s what your man should do for you…. fight for you.

Most women do NOT reach menopause before 45. (Actually, most women in my family reached menopause in their early 50s). However, if you are so concerned about biological clock and you really want a biological child earlier in life before 40, there are some options…

Get pregnant and have a child (out of wedlock).

  1. Freeze your eggs.
  2. Find other medical means of having a biological child. Medical technology has advanced so much that a woman can now have a biological child almost at any age before 60.

Whatever you do, settling for the wrong man shouldn’t be an option.

Current world population: Males 50.4% : 49.6% Females.

You see, there are still more males than females on earth. 😐

– Nkechi Bianze

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