BANA By Niniola: A Bold Declaration of Attraction.

Without a doubt, Niniola remains one of the boldest female artiste we have in Nigeria. There’s a way she composes her songs, add vibe to it, tell a story (or pass a message) and dish it to her audience. She did it with my two favorites; Ibadi and Maradona, and now she has done it with Bana.

Though relatively new, but I’m confident that the song will ease its way into the playlist of individuals, DJs and top charts in coming weeks.

An unusual type of love song that unveils the intention, attraction and emotions of a purposeful lover. An intentional expression of attraction; sensual, physical and emotional. Looks like Niniola is trying to tell us,

“I will show my man off to the world but give up my life to prevent anyone from snatching him from me. He is my baby and I’m his lady.”

If Bana-na is what we know it to be, then it is indeed clear that it’s what every girl is protecting in their relationship. That’s every girl’s intellectual property, one they would never share with another woman. Indeed where the man’s heart is. wink. I like this song, in its explicit form. I love it more because despite its simplicity, it tells a story of developmental love…

“I will do as you will, follow your command, and do everything to make you happy but you can be sure that BANA (heart) and Bana-na are mine.”

I think I’m gonna turn up the volume, you should surely listen to it too.

Reviewed by @femifragile for Savvy Magazine Africa.

Listen and Download here:


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