No Clown looks 2019!!!

Fashion! Fashion! Fashion!

What’s not to love about fashion ? Everything! Which is we want to help you keep the love flowing especially with your outfits and here are a few things you should never do, seriously never ever do them!

Short dresses are Chic, but!

Never wear body hugging ones as the length already reveals some skin especially the legs,avoid it so you can be comfortable always.

Pant lines, No Girl!

These are horrid sights to behold wearing strings are advisable but ensure the cloth is not transparent or better still strings with jeans. You can also camouflage your pant line with prig clothing. A thin pair of tights or pantyhose would smooth out any lines especially when wearing a dress. Better still invest in some good shape wear popularly known as (girdles) not too tight cause we need you to breath.

Designer clown.

Never wear everything designer prints and even carry a bag with the same prints, you are not the poster for the fashion line now ,are you?

No, so do not wear all Gucci prints head -toe.

Too Bright…

Bold color clothing are already daring which is why your makeup should be as natural as possible, avoid too many accessories. You’d look very classy and chic without them .

Remember we want to express yourself with your fashion but be safe with  it!!! Fashion Feds watching.

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