Adenike Oyetunde’s book launch; Her Story, Your Movie, His Glory.

Broadcaster, lawyer and social worker, Adenike Oyetunde launched her autobiography, Adénìké: Your Story, Your Movie, His Glory, on Sunday, January 6th, 2019, in Lagos at Harbour Point, 4 Wilmot Point Road, Victoria Island Lagos. The book was launched by Senator Ganiyu Olanrewaju Solomon, a father figure to her.

Adénikẹ́ is a real-life story based on the power of faith, hope and love against the odds of life’s circumstances. You’re about to read an intriguing real-life story of a young girl whose life’s trajectory completely changed overnight and is still evolving. It’s a story that will take you through her denial, strength, resilience, confusion, pain, tears, brokenness, surrender, and finally her freedom and liberty into true life. If you ever doubt that you cannot possibly pass through the trials and tribulations of life no matter how harsh it may be,  Adénikẹ́ will inspire you to re-think that through.

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