Woman who Posted $100k Bail for R. Kelly says: “He’s only been a gentleman to me”

A woman identified as Valencia Love has been revealed to be the person who posted the $100,000 bail for R. Kelly for his 10 counts of sexual abuse charge.

Love, a restaurant owner told ABC News: “It was his own money. I just posted bail for him.” R. Kelly is a “good friend” of hers, she said.

Speaking on Kelly’s court case, Love, according to TMZ, said: “There are three sides to every story, [Kelly’s] side, there’s (the alleged victims), and the truth.”

“If he did it, he is wrong,” Love said, adding that he should also be allowed to clear his name.

“He’s not a monster. He’s not,” Love said.

“I’m not in support of any pedophile. I don’t support that at all…. He’s only been a gentleman to me,” she added.

She adds that R. Kelly is not broke, saying she only helped him out so he can get out early.

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