See major highlights and pictures from our Facebook training for Female Smes

Having featured Annie Idibia on our Women’s Issue, we partnered Facebook and Rabbington Media to train women on digital marketing.

The event which was held on Friday, June 23, at the Facebook NG Hub in Yaba, was centered on empowering women on how to conquer their industry using digital marketing

Over eighty women entrepreneurs were empowered through the digital marketing training.

“Women in business learnt how to carve a niche for their businesses online, Got access to use and learn smart digital marketing tools and drive innovation, learnt new ideas and creativity to attract more customers and stand out amidst stiff competition.”

“It’s all about girl power and the tools to truly live every single day to our full potential as entrepreneurs, designers, bosses, scientists, actors, musicians, mothers, sisters, friends, and colleagues.”

When women succeed, everybody wins! A special thanks to everyone in attendance, team members and our partners.

See Pictures below:

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