Yoruba and Hausa traders clash at popular Lagos Market

Ethnic Rivalry reared its ugly head as a quarrel between a Hausa porter, popularly known as Alabo or bolar boy and a Yoruba passerby caused a stir at the Ile Epo market  of Oke Odo area of Lagos State

It was gathered that the Hausa alabo hit the Yoruba man with his tray of goods, which led to an argument and further led to a physical altercation between the two The other traders however, divided themselves into factions and started fighting each other. The fight between the Yoruba and Hausa traders caused a serious traffic congestion along Lagos-Abeokuta express road.

The Policemen of that area shot in the air in order to disperse the boys, unfortunately one of the bolar boys was hit, which led to the rest of the bolar boys storming the market with weapons and destroying everything in their way.

Police Teams later calmed the situation and reduced traffic that had been caused by the affray. Two people however, are feared dead according to police reports.

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