Taylor Swift attains number one spot in Forbes list of highest paid female musicians

The “Bad Blood”, has emerged number one in the just released Forbes list of the highest female musicians of 2018. With earnings amounting to $185m, this is as a result of her Reputation Stadium tour, her nine figure Republic Records deal and the release of her album “Lover”.

Sitting pretty on number two spot is Beyonce with $81m, mostly from the release of her Homecoming series and he :On the run 2″ tour.

Third place is my personal favorite, RiRi with $63m, even though she hasn’t released an album in three years!!! I wonder how the figures would look like if she had released an album last year.

Below is the entire list:

  1. Taylor Swift $185m
  2. Beyonce $81m
  3. Rihanna $63m
  4. Katy Perry $57.5m
  5. Pink $57m
  6. Ariana Grande $48m
  7. Jennifer Lopez $43m
  8. Lady Gaga $39.5
  9. Celine Dion $37.5m
  10. Shakira $35m
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