Niger Delta Militants threaten to bomb oil facilities over NDDC

Warri militants in the Niger Delta made threats to bomb certain oil installations and facilities should the Federal Government take away the supervision of the NDDC from the Ministry of Niger Delta to the office of Secretary of Government of the Federation..

10 militant groups gave a combined statement made by the leader of The Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA), General Johnmark Ezonbi aka ‘Obama’.

“We will bring Nigeria to its knees and return the country to the era of another recession in the Secretary to the Government and the so-called selfish, self-centered, greedy, power-drunken politicians refuse to stop their evil arrangement..We sternly warn those who are behind this evil plot to retrace their steps or live to regret their lives as they will not be spared in the onslaught christened “Final Battle to rescue NDDC from the Hawks, Blood for Oil.”

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