South African kids bully us and tell us to leave their country – Nigerian kids

Ever since xenophobia became pronounced in South Africa, the bitter effects are felt not only by Nigerian parents and adults, but more so on the younger generation.

A grade 8 student, Ogechi Maduagwu has been struggling with the trauma caused by racial discrimination from a school whose main job is to shield these kids from the bad choices mad by their parents.

She said “My classmates from South Africa are racists. They talk down to Nigerian pupils. Anytime there is a little misunderstanding, they make remarks such as “go back to your country” we don’t want you here”. It was that bad.”

Some of these kids have mixed feelings about returning to their motherland. They commended the high standard of education in South Africa which is something they would definitely miss. But asides that, they were glad to catch a break from all the different forma of abuse they had to undergo at the hands of their fellow school mates.

One kid, Oyinkansola Ogunfolaji, a native of Ogun State was even told that she was too black to be South African. She was subjected to months of verbal abuse, and she is glad to be back home.


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