A serial killer on the loose in Port Harcourt City!!!

During the past months, we all thought it was probably rumours. This is real, and the once peaceful and posh city of Port Harcourt has become a den of an inhumane and callous killer whose nerves are calmed by tying up and strangling INNOCENT women to death in hotel rooms.

He carefully prepares his ruse and disguises himself as an interested customer for female online vendors, or as a potential client for women whom life has dealt the worst cards.  You can choose to address them by whatever name you deem fit, but we choose to call them exactly what they are, humans.

The men in Uniform aren’t oblivious of these recent killings, in fact they have decided to blame it on the lifestyle of these innocent women, even assuming the role of Chief Judge and advising other women to abstain from prostitution?? What glaring display of ignominy! They have abandoned the pressing need to join forces and put a stop to these killing and have chosen to blame it on the VICTIMS!!! Well. until it hits close to home. Remember the story of that DPO’s daughter who was killed by a stranger she met on Facebook some years ago? And how quickly the killer was caught and brought to justice?

Men, Women, especially those living in Port Harcourt, take heed! Do not meet any stranger in private places, ALWAYS tell at least one person your true whereabouts and may God keep us all safe.

May the killer be brought to justice and may the families of the dead find strength during this period of grief.

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