Are you in a toxic relationship? Read this!

So many people do not know a toxic relationship most likely because they are in one or they are used to toxic behaviour from them or their partners, so they do not know what it feels like to be in a healthy relationship.

Lucky you, because here are some tips on how to determine if your relationship is for the long haul or is just a cycle of repeated toxic behaviour passed from one partner to the other.

First, its easy. No passionate fights or passionate make up sex. Keyword here is “passionate”. There would be quarrels definitely, but you guys should be able to easily get through them. No obsessive calling or texting or worrying. Thing is, when we meet people like this, who do not obsess or make unnecessary trouble, we tag them as “boring”, and we clamour for a “spiced up” relationship. See? The same idealistic and preconceived notion we have been exposed to, so we think its normal to have “a lot” of squabble in a relationship.

Love should be easy, should be calm and give both parties peace of mind. The kind of peace that humbles and revives you. It is something that happens naturally, not something you have to fight for day in day out.

A healthy relationship answers questions, it doesn’t ask questions like: Does he love me? Am I good enough? When you are in a healthy relationship, you do not need reassurance because you already know where it is headed.

Lastly, a healthy relationship does not seek to force or dominate one person, rather both parties are okay being the best version of themselves. In a toxic relationship, one party forgoes his/her goals in order to accommodate the other party’s goals. One person usually suffers and it always ends in tears.

Please walk away now if you see these toxic signs in your relationship except the other party is willing and ready to change.

Stay tuned for more tips on this topic.

No drama. Because drama is for kids

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