What to Stock Up On for COVID 19

With 51 confirmed new cases of the novel coronavirus in Nigeria, to contain the spread, markets are closed and everyone advised to stay at home.

We have put together some necessary things to stock at home during this period, we hope you find it useful.

Non-perishable foods, including beverages, sauces, pasta, rice, cereal, crackers, and dry goods, including tea, sugar, and coffee.

Basic medical supplies;

Medicines for fever, congestion, and cough are recommended. It is also important to keep a one-month supply of prescription medication on hand as well in case getting to a pharmacy for a refill becomes difficult.

Cleaning and hygiene supplies needed would include soaps for hand washing, bathing, laundry, and cleaning, as well as disinfectants to keep surfaces clean.

Also important is preparing some activities that can be undertaken within the home, whether a list of books to read or an entertainment or exercise subscription that can be used without going out.

Stay safe.

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