5 easy and budget friendly hobbies to try now

With many of us locked down at home, it is a great idea to try some new hobbies at home. Learn something you’ve always wanted to know, pick up a skill for free, write that novel! The world is a big place and there are so many things you can get stuck into when you’re stuck indoors.

Here are some creative and budget-friendly hobbies to try right now that will give you something to do and make those weekends feel longer.

1 Learn interior design

Who  doesn’t want to learn how to decorate their apartment or home like a pro? Interior design is about space, color, and technique. And with ten minutes per lesson, you can learn this in no time. You can help your friends and family decorate,monetize your skills, or just use it to redesign your kitchen while you’re staying at home. Check out YouTube for free lessons.

2 . Write a book

Every single person has a book in them, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. And take it from me, you don’t have to be a writer with a degree from anywhere to get it done. Getting it done is the first step, perfecting it is step two. Try installing a tool like Scrivener (honestly, it’s the best for compiling books) learn the basics and use the daily word count to get your novel done.

3 Create an Instagram account

Challenge yourself to take a photo every day, choose a theme and subject, and make an account specifically for that hobby. Be creative and develop your photography skills. This is the easiest of all the hobbies at home to try because it’s completely free!

4 Start a podcast

You don’t need technical equipment to get your podcast off the ground, at least initially. You can use your phone microphone, and then upload it to the platforms you want to display it on.

5  Get adventurous with your cooking

This is a time when it’s crucial to educate yourself on more recipes and fun way to cook, learn new dishes and perhaps develop a huge interest in cooking. This is one of those hobbies from home that will make a huge difference during this period.

Start a Pinterest board with all the recipes you want to try and go from there. Don’t panic buy, instead focus on staples and smart meal plans.



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