The dark side of the Zoom App; All you need to know about Zoombombing and how to prevent it in a Zoom Video Chat.

  •    A new form of harassment know as “Zoombombing”, has surfaced. Intruders hijack video calls and post hate speech and offensive images such as porn. This has led to the FBI issuing a warning about using Zoom.
    The stay-at-home mandate has made the video conference app become more popular as companies have been using it to conduct meetings online and track staff remote work activity.

One victim, Dennis Johnson who defended his doctoral dissertation via Zoom videoconference with an audience of more than 40 people. He said he was in the middle of presenting when someone started drawing a male genitalia on the screen, the attacker then scrawled a racial slur that everyone on the zoom could see. The organizers tried to but couldn’t track the attacker.

With everyone working from home, Zoom has become widely popular ad this has attracted pranksters and fraudsters eventually leading to an official warning from the FBI that ”people be careful of online video conferencing”.

Zoom has been served a class action suit for lacking top level security encryptions and sharing data with Facebook users and even non users.

Here are some tips on how to prevent Zoombombing:

1. Don’t use your personal meeting ID for the meeting. Rather use a per-meeting ID, exclusive to a single meeting at a time. Zoom’s support page offers a video on how to generate a random meeting ID.

2. Enable the “waiting room” feature so that you can see who is attempting to join the meeting before allowing them access. To enable this, go to Account management > account setting> Meeting> Waiting room.

3.Disable other options including the ability to Join before host. Disable screen sharing for non hosts. Disable all file transferring, annotations and the auto save feature for chats. All this can be found in Settings.

4. Once the meetings begins and everyone is in, lock the meeting to outsiders and assign at least two meeting co hosts.

What to do if someone Zoombombing your Zoom videochat:

1. Lock them out. Go to Participants list and scroll down to More. Click Lock Meeting.

2. Shut them up. Have yourself or one co-hosts go to the Participants List, click on Mute All Controls.





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