Long-Distance Friendships. To revive it or nah?

Many times we only get to hear about long-distance relationship and how much effort the people involved have to put in to make it work. But hardly do we hear about long-distance friendship. It’s not that hard to be there for someone when you can physically be there. The challenge comes when distance separates you two. Yes, it takes a lot, even in this era of social distancing many of our relationships are as good as distant because we can’t see each other as often as we used to and we don’t have any idea if that’s gonna end soon.

Long distance friendships on the other hand is a different ball game. Because many times when we realize our relationship with a bosom friend is becoming strained, we don’t always feel the urge to revive it. We expect the other person to “understand” that life happens to us all. We have every means to contact them, but sometimes we just don’t! Some people may ask: “but why can’t he/she check up on me first?” Honestly, we should have gotten rid of this “if you can’t check up on me, I won’t return the favor” mindset we have in this generation. A selfish and me-alone attitude that strips us all of our empathy. Gosh!
That said, friendships are an important aspect of life, especially the ones we made when we were younger, those kinds of friendships that were formed from the barest and purest childlike intentions. Some is have this, some of don’t. Point is, we are in a compulsory long-distance relationship with all our friends this period, please and please check on them. No matter how long it has been, we’re all trying to survive here, we need all the encouragement we can get from one another. Don’t be that person whose world is centered around ONLY their romantic partner.

It’s hard, really hard to revive an already strained friendship, but there is no harm in trying. A best friendship is a two-way constant standby.

One creative way to keep the fire of your friendship burning, is by creating your own shared experiences and reminiscing on shared fond memories and experiences with your friends. It’s pretty hard, especially if the other party isn’t willing at first, but it’s worth the TRY.

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