FG shuts down Med Contour facility in Lagos.

Social Media has given the people a voice. And they say they want to pass a  “No Social Media” Bill? Let’s see how that goes.
Remember the outrage on social media concerning a botched surgery done by one Dr Anu of Med Contour Hospital? Well, turns out the facility has been shut down by the Government.
The victim, known as “Omohtee” on Twitter released a video of her lamenting about the pain she is going through after undergoing body enhancement surgery at Med Contour. She said, “If anything happens to me, know that Dr Anu of Med Contour is responsible.”

It had been previously reported that this aforementioned plastic surgeon has been involved in several botched surgery scandals, one of which led to the death of the patient.
Body enhancement surgery is as important and delicate as a heart surgery. Please consult a PROVEN EXPERT.

Here is a copy of the notice:

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