Ex OAU VC implores Federal Government to consider herbal medicine as a possible treatment of COVID-19

A former acting Vice Chancellor of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Professor Anthony Elujoba has called on the Federal Government to explore the herbal remedy in treating Coronavirus patients in the country.

Professor Elujoba who is a professor of Pharmacognosy in the Faculty of Pharmacy advised the Federal Government to make provisions available for patients who want to use alternative remedy in the treatment of the Coronavirus disease. He also said that the WHO and other Federal Agencies like NAFDAC and some Nigerian Universities have invested in herbal medicines in the past.

“We read on a daily basis, several testimonies from here and elsewhere of COVID-19 including Chief Executives and top Government officials, using or talking about herbal medicine, and even one president has confirmed its effectiveness in curing Coronavirus patients in their country. It is time to start proactive herbal research on these new diseases.”

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