Twitter users uncover body-shaming and racist clips of Tyra Banks addressing models in America’s Next Top Model show

One week, one villain is what has become the norm on social media worldwide, since we all have a lot of time on our hands these days.
This week, it was Tyra Banks and her “America’s Next Top Model” show.

The model-slash-entrepreneur’s name began trending on Twitter when a user, posted a 2006 clip from Cycle 6 of model-search reality show “America’s Next Top Model.” In the clip, Banks and her panel of judges criticize contestant Danielle Evans for refusing to close the gap in her teeth.

The 14-year-old clip quickly began making the rounds, which prompted social media users to find and post even more cringe-worthy moments from “ANTM’s” past.

Just some of the most egregious things: Cycle 4 contestant Kahlen Rondot being forced to pose in a casket after learning her best friend had died! Huh?

In Cycle 15, model Kayla Ferrel revealed she was uncomfortable with doing a sexy shoot with a male model because she had been molested as a child  — addressing the abuse for the first time in her life. Judges told her to suck it up. In Cycle 7, Black contestant Jaeda Young had to work with (and kiss) a male model who told her he didn’t want to work with her because she was Black — even after she told Banks it made her uncomfortable.

In Cycle 3, model Yaya DaCosta was chewed out by Banks for “being too Afrocentric”.

In Cycle 5, Banks told lesbian contestant Kim Stolz to tone down her gay pride. There was also an incident where Cycle 17 model Angelea Preston was disqualified when producers learned she had been an escort. And then, of course, throughout the series there have been numerous incidents of blackface, yellowface and cultural appropriation of all sorts.

This is one of the alleged videos:


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