Facebook announces indefinite work from home initiative for employees, but with conditions.

“Twitter, Google, Zoom employees can now work from home till further notice”

Facebook: “Yea, Work from home too, but with a little twist”

Mark always has something to benefit personally from every business or work related move he makes.

Facebook has finally decided to allow it’s employees work from home, but there are conditions.

The company is starting by allowing senior engineers with strong performance histories to work remotely. Some employees will also be allowed to request to permanently work from home, based on consideration of their performance reviews.

Facebook employees who wish to work from home would get paid based on their location. So those who move to a lower cost area, far away from the office area would likely get a pay cut.

Employees working remotely who would like to do so after 2020 would have to inform Facebook for tax and payroll reasons.

Why would you reduce my pay because I moved to a cheaper area to cut cost but still have to work as hard everyday or month?


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