Join us on IG Live with Solomon Buchi as we discuss “Supporting Gender Equality from Home during Covid-19”.

Hello guys. So we have had very fun and interesting IG live sessions where we get to interact with our favourite celebs and rock stars taking the lead in their different industries. We asked questions on all kinds of topics, from money to sex to fame to fashion to tech and fitness.

This time we are going live on IG to discuss a topic that has been the major disruptor of the narrative in the 21st century. A topic that has forced everyone into reevaluating their stance on all aspects of life. This topic is highly misunderstood by some and is pretty personal for many.

It’s Feminism. And we have social media content creator, Solomon Buchi as our guest tomorrow with the topic: Supporting Gender Equality from home during Covid19.

Time:4pm. Location: @savvymediaafrica.

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