“I just want to thank God that Burna didn’t win the grammy”- Iyabo Ojo’s daughter Priscillia

So yesterday was really hot for Burns Boy. All of social media especially Twitter wanted his head on a platter after supposedly shading Davido.

David posted an artwork of him and Wizkid, which was made by a fan with the caption “the 2 greatest of all time. No cap“. Few hours later, without referencing or tagging anyone, Burna Boy seemingly shaded David on his Instagram story by writing:

“you cannot play football, everybody knows you cannot play football and you are an embarrassment to the team, but your daddy bought the football team”.

This sparked a lot of controversy which resulted in people threatening to “cancel” burna boy.

Iyabo Ojo’s daughter, Priscillia weighed in on the controversy by thanking God that Burns didn’t win the Grammy. Yikes!

Here’s what she said: “I just want to thank God burna boy didn’t win Grammy Award.”





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