Cynthia Morgan will get back on her feet, Nigerians will make sure of that! Here’s how.

One fantastic thing about Nigerians is that in all their sufferings and sometimes “On Your Own” attitude, if they are for you, they are definitely for you. Especially when it comes to intervening on Social Media.

It’s no longer news that former dancehall star Cynthia Morgan who have us hits like “German Juice” in the past has been off the music scene for a while now. Little did we know that she had been battling an undisclosed illness and depression.

Depression resulting from all she had to go through in her former record label, Northside Entertainment. Jude Okoye, the CEO allegedly refrained her fr using her own stage name (which is her real name tho), her social media accounts, her VEVO because he claimed that he invested N40million on her without any interest returned!

Ever since the news broke yesterday, well meaning Nigerians have been advocating for her and standing with her. Celebrities like OAP Dotun, Tacha and the rest have come out to publicly support her.

Others have set up a GoFundMe account for her to help her offset some of the debt she owes Jude Okoye.

Meanwhile she has gone ahead to change her stage name to MADRINA. She has been using this since 2018. We all hope she comes out of this a better and stronger person!

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