White woman, Amy “Karen” Cooper reluctantly apologises after trying to get an innocent black man killed!!

One day, just maybe one day we will be ready to bring our unbiased opinions to the table when the discussing the full effect racism has had on black folks in America.

Ahmaud Arbery, a promising young athlete was shot dead by two WHITE males, “because they thought he was a burglar”.

George Floyd died because a White policeman had his knee on his neck while trying to arrest him! George kept shouting “you’re treating me like a black man” while the police officer did NOTHING. Passersby begged him to remove his knee but he didn’t move until George, another black man, died! Without any chance of defending himself.

Yesterday Amy “Karen” Cooper made a 911 call reporting a black man who asked her to OBEY a sign in a park that said “unleashed dogs not allowed”, claiming he was “attacking” her meanwhile she left her dog unleashed and tried strangling the poor thing in a bid to perfect her fake distress voice!

Well, thank Heavens for phones and videos and the internet, the smart man recorded the incident and put it online for the world to see and judge.

Amy lost her dog and her job on the same day. She even publicly apologised! Who woulda thought?

One day we will remember the countless black kids whom have been victims of Police Violence and White privilege extremism these past years.

One day we will have to have that conversation that you don’t have to be a poor “drug dealer” or street rat before Whites become threatened by your every move. You just have to be BLACK!


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