If you feel like you have lost your sense of smell/taste, you have fever or cough, please go and get TESTED for Covid19!

Remember when it was said that majority of Nigerians won’t take the Coronavirus disease outbreak seriously until it hits home?

Well, recently a lot of people have taken to Social Media to express their feelings of loss of sense of smell and taste coupled with slight fever and headache!

Some have even attributed this to a “New Strain of MALARIA”, which has affected a whole household in some cases. Has Malaria suddenly become communicable?

Well, the NCDC has been alerted and they have once again reminded us, as they always do, to get tested and SELF ISOLATE once you notice any of these symptoms:

“If you have COUGH or FEVER and 1 of these symptoms

loss of taste/smell

Difficulty breathing





Body pain


Sore throat

“Please call your state hotline for advice.”
The hotlines can be found on NCDC’s website and social media pages.

Yes, Covid19 is not a death sentence, but not EVERYONE can afford to have it. Even our loved ones aren’t excluded! Do the right thing and get tested.

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