Covid-19 digital series- The Rise of Telemedicine in Nigeria, Amidst Covid-19. Osas Ighodaro joins Tremendoc to redefine healthcare’s digital future

TREMENDOC: Changing the Face of Healthcare in Nigeria, One Virtual Consultation at a Time.

The past few months have been very significant on the global scale, as a result of the widespread of the COVID-19 virus, and Savvy Media Africa has been exploring the preparedness of Nigeria’s health sector to successfully manage and handle the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Telemedicine in Nigeria is still a very much underexplored theme, as a lot of people lack proper education and enlightenment on its efficiency and feasibility. Also, the ease of contracting the virus has weighed heavy on the minds of a number of Nigerians, which has led to an increased reluctance of citizens to visit hospitals. Tremendoc has been meeting that need for citizens to get proper healthcare in the heat of a global pandemic.

Tremendoc is a mobile application that allows users, patients and customers to gain virtual access to basic consultations with licensed doctors 24/7. The app is available on the Google play store and Apple app store.

Considering the affordability and scalability of this telemedicine-centred solution to the health crisis in Nigeria, CEO and Founder, Jay Chikeze, divulged that there are plans to introduce a customer service platform where users will be registered on the app’s website and then have access to call at any time to receive medical attention without the need for internet connection. He also shared that Tremendoc intends to partner with the state government to ensure an even wider spread of the facility to primary healthcare centres and other health institutions lacking adequate doctors.

WHO recommends a ratio of 1 doctor to 600 patients for maximum healthcare, however in Nigeria, the ratio is an alarming 1 doctor to 6000 patients and it shows a dearth of medical doctors in the country. The founder acknowledged that telemedicine would not eliminate the need for physical consultations, however, it’d be very important to consider it as a frontline basic consultation to help cope with the current quantitative and qualitative health challenge in the country.

Surprisingly, the Tremendoc app has recorded a majority of non-COVID related ailments in the last few months. In cases whereby symptoms given by a patient correlate with symptoms of Covid-19, the patient is advised to call the Nigeria Centre For Disease control (NCDC) for treatment.

See interview with the CEO of Tremendoc


Osas Ighodaro, ambassador for Tremendoc, shared her passion for health and how it influenced the launch of The Joyful Joy Foundation. The foundation is aimed at alleviating Malaria all throughout Nigeria and Africa – one community at a time and its goal is to prevent death from a preventable disease like malaria.

Since its inception in 2012, the foundation has helped thousands of people with its monthly outreaches, the supply of free bed nets and medications and sharing relevant safety health tips. .

Speaking on what informed her decision to become a brand ambassador to Tremendoc, she shared that her desire to help others was the primary motivating factor. She believes that Tremendoc is filling a void in the healthcare sector and that has further aligned with her interest.

She acknowledged that it has been an amazing and fulfilling experience working with the Tremendoc team and it has helped her achieve one of her life goals which is to help those in need and make a positive impact.

Osas believes that the launch of Tremendoc has proven to be a life-changing solution to a national issue and that more solutions like it need to be put in place to better the health sector.

Read the full interview here:

1 Hello Osas, how have you been holding up this period with the COVID-19 pandemic?

One day at a time. Remaining safe is the ultimate goal. If I need to leave the house I absolutely leave with a mask, face shield and sanitizer. One can never be too safe.

2 Please tell us more about your journey towards advocacy and your NGO ‘The Joyful Joy foundation

The Joyful Joy Foundation is an NGO I founded with my partner, Sioux Greaux, to help in alleviating Malaria all throughout Nigeria and Africa – one community at a time. The passion and mission behind it stem from my own sister passing away from the disease. Our aim is to not have others die from a preventable disease. It’s been a journey since 2012 launching both in the states and Nigeria. We have helped thousands of people since then with our monthly outreaches where we supply communities with free bed nets, medication and knowledgeable information on how to stay safe and what to do when one gets Malaria.

3 Can you share with us what informed your decision to be a brand ambassador to Tremendoc?

Helping others was my primary motivating decision to being a part of Tremendoc. Unfortunately, the healthcare system in Nigeria isn’t where it needs to be. Additionally, everyone cannot afford good healthcare or have easy access to one. Tremendoc is filling that void. It’s an amazing solution to a big problem we face in this nation.

4 How has your experience been so far working with the Tremendoc team?
It’s been an amazing and fulfilling experience. One of my many goals in life is to help those in need and make a positive impact on others livelihood and health. Being a part of Tremendoc has helped in continuing to fulfil that goal. I look forward to being a part of a more positive impact.

5 Do you think the rise of Telemedicine in Nigeria poses great potential in solving issues around our health sector?

The launch of Tremendoc has proven that it has been a life-changing solution to a national issue. More solutions like this need to be put in place to better the health sector.

6 Please tell us 5 things you like about the Tremendoc App
Tremendoc is reliable
Tremendoc is innovative
Tremendoc is affordable
Tremendoc is life-changing
Tremendoc is the future

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