Want a glowing skin this summer? Read this

Summer is upon us lovelies and we are bound to have excess oil on our skin!
Apart from the excess oil, sunburn is very rampant in this season. You may be out with sunglasses and beach hats and all, but because of the season, some areas of your body are directly exposed to the sun and would definitely have a darker complexion than other aspects of your body.

Here are some few skincare tips this summer, that would reduce all the excess oil and even out your complexion:

1. Hydrate: take a lot of water this season. Water helps reduce oil in your pores and reduces the risk of acne.

2. Exfoliate: exfoliating also helps reduce the oil on your face and skin. When shopping for exfoliating products, make sure the product contains Salicylic acid. This component is very important for balancing the oil/water components of the skin.

3. Always apply sunscreen: very important for those who have a light complexion. It’s usually very obvious when you have sunburn or an uneven skin tone. Using an effective sunscreen before going out under the sun helps protect your skin from the sun and maintains your normal complexion.

Lastly, but not compulsory is moisturizing. Aloe Vera gel is a great product for moisturizing. Use soaps that contain aloe Vera gel.

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