Laycon, Kiddwaya, and Erica: How this love triangle played out in Erica’s journey in the Big Brother House

Life is an ever-learning journey. 

A process of growth. 




Your outlook on all of these is most important and we believe that is going to determine what’s next for Erica Nlewedim in the event of her disqualification from Season 5 of the Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show.

If you followed the show from the beginning, you’d see that Erica was everyone’s darling. Well, almost everyone. Even for those who weren’t her stans, they recognised her as one of the strongest forces in the house. Her fan base was massive, the support was intense and it was indeed a sight to see.

Let us fast forward to some weeks into the game, when we started seeing things take a different path for her. The dynamics of the relationship she shared with two housemates – Laycon and Kiddwaya who she shared a romantic relationship with, seemed to have been what changed the trajectory of her journey in the Big Brother House. 

Some people believe that for Housemate Laycon, all of what has transpired in the house with regards to this situation was simply a strategy from the start for and indeed, that may or may not be the case. If you follow his journey in the house, you would see him as the stone the builder initially rejected, that eventually became the cornerstone. He rose to become a shining star and proved his worth in that house. 

Prior to his entry into the reality show, he had a music brand that seemed to be doing quite well and on getting into the house, he seemed to have immersed himself into the game and won many prizes for himself as well. He was the type of content a lot of viewers wanted to see.

You’d see his genuine heartfelt emotions for Erica and how he still took her as a friend even after she turned down his advances, but in all of these, we’re not very sure he handled the rejection very well. Rejection is only natural and humans must learn how best to handle such situations. If a woman rejects you as a man, take it in good stride and move on. It isn’t the end of the world. 

This incident and all that followed might have been the starting point for what triggered a couple of other emotions for Erica.

Truthfully, watching the social experiment that is Big Brother Naija play out, you’d see how we’re not any different from those housemates locked in a secluded house for 10 weeks and expected to survive the rigorous process necessary to emerge winner of the game. You’d see everyone come with their different tactics and strategies and see how the whole thing plays out. 

Taking into consideration all of the very valid issues triggering Erica’s response the night everything went down, there are many points to pick from this situation:

1 In whatever situation you find yourself, always make sure you try to keep a hold on your emotions. Emotional Intelligence can make or mar you. We can literally see what emotions did to Erica in this situation.

2 Nobody judges the person who does ‘wrong’ first, it’s your reaction everyone will condemn. Very few people genuinely took into consideration everything that led up to this point, but when it got to the neck for Erica and she reacted, her response was what was carried around.

3 Pick your battles very wisely. If only she had decided a more diplomatic way of handling this matter, just maybe she might have gone home with the 85 million grand prize.

4 Don’t leave issues unsorted. They rear their heads in the most dangerous of situations. We all grew up with traumas in one form or the other, and it might not be out of place to suggest that Erica might indeed need to get some therapy and counselling to help her sort through some deep-seated emotional issues. 

We know for sure, that disqualification is not the end of the journey for Erica and we sincerely wish her the best going forward and hope she gets the opportunity to make big things happen for her.

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