All we know about the #OyigboMassacre in Rivers State

Oyigbo is a town in Rivers State Nigeria where violence and killings of individuals have escalated in the past week.

The #OyigboMassacre has left several members of the Oyigbo community reportedly killed by security operatives. Reports have it that it appears to be a reprisal attack on the community following the killing of a member of the disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) unit by hoodlums.

It’s been days since reports of the #OyigboMassacre and no person in authority has seen the need to stop the killings and address the issue.

Nigerians do not expect that a crime of such magnitude would be overlooked and allowed to go on unattended. But here we are today. The very thing Nigerian youth seek to put an end to has been aggravated to a more condemnable level.

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