Peter Okoye’s PA says DJ Switch is Not in Nigeria & confirms safety











DJ switch one of the #EndSars protesters who is also a major eye-witness of the Lekki Shooting was signed to Peter Okoye‘s Classic Records in 2017; she was also present when soldiers opened fire at the peaceful protesters and streamed live on her Instagram page, where she was seen helping protesters who had been shot.

Few days after the shooting, DJ shared another video where she thanked a number of people, including Peter Okoye. In her words, “I want to thank a few people who, at the risk of their lives, came to get me. My life was being threatened for speaking up.”

New reports claimed that DJ Switch had sought refuge in Canada where she narrated her ordeal at the Sub-committee on International Human Rights of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development of the Canadian parliament.

Peter Okoye’s personal assistant Charles Abi has confirmed to the Punch Newspaper, that the DJ Switch is not in the country, but didn’t disclose her current location for safety reasons. Charles also confirmed that DJ Switch was being threatened, but said he knew nothing about her testifying at the parliament.

Here’s what he said;

We do not want to say anything at the moment and that is the truth. This is a matter of threat and we do not want to say anything at the moment. She had been getting a lot of threats and the truth is that she is not even in Nigeria at the moment and she is safe. We will not want to answer whether she is in Canada for now but she is not in the country and she is safe.

I cannot tell you if DJ Switch testified at a Canadian parliament, but if you see that the Canadian parliament posted it, then she probably did it. I know that she has not posted anything and I remember that my boss told her not to post anything; but in due time, she will speak out.

She got threats from every angle; she received death threats from every angle; so, she just had to leave. I am just going to say this because of her safety, we just have to keep things quiet low.

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