YouTube takes down Baba Ijesha’s Viral Molestation Video From The Punch’s channel

After Nigerian Comedienne, Adekola Adekanya, popularly known as Princess, denied giving The Punch newspaper the authority to release the CCTV footage to the public, YouTube takes down the video from the Punch’s channel.

On Sunday, 2nd of May, 2021, The Punch Newspaper released the CCTV footage of Olanrewaju Omiyinka, popularly known as Baba Ijesha sexually molesting Princess’s foster daughter. This video quickly went viral on the Internet. Some hours later, Princess took to her Instagram page to file a disclaimer against the Punch newspaper as she didn’t give them the authority to post the footage on the Internet.

However, YouTube has deleted the video content from Punch’s channel for violating their community standards while experts from Lagos State Domestic, Sexual and Violence Response Team are preparing legal charges against whoever might have released the video to the public.

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