Kehinde Bankole a shadow of serenity

A trip that was meant to last for few hours finally ended after several hours of waiting for screen goddess, Kenny Bankole. She was stuck in traffic for hours, and when she eventually arrived she didn’t reflect the stress she had passed through. She was gentle, accommodating, and friendly, in short she was a shadow of serenity.

Growing up for our peculiar actress was very normal. She had a loving family that was closely knitted together. Right from the beginning, she had always been an attention seeker and getter. I mean, being a female known for dressing and dancing like Michael Jackson, such life style will definitely pull a lot of crowd.

Our diva was never an outspoken person, so one begins to wonder how she got into the movie industry. According to her, she started acting in secondary school by joining a drama team. Though she started small, she had a bigger dream. Her career kicked off, first as a model and then later, she moved into acting. Her first experience on set as she related to us was challenging. In her words “I was very naïve. I did not even know what was going on. I knew they were filming us but did not know they were going to show it everywhere.  I later discovered that filming meant they were going to be shown all over….”

Unlike most parents who suddenly begin to spit venom on hearing that their child is going into acting, Kenny’s parents were really supportive and understanding; and her twin sister who set the pace couldn’t be any happier. Like many celebs today, Kenny dedicatedly and diligently hustled her way to top by attending several auditions, visiting several offices, till she got the role in the popular TV series Super Story where she featured as one of the lead characters in the soap Everything it Takes; this in turn led to her big break.

Unlike many who come into the industry and then fizzle out or suddenly leave the big screen after some years, our dear Kenny has assured us that she has come to stay and will definitely continue to grow and  remain committed to the industry like the Joke Silvers and the Rachael Onigas of the industry.

For those who want to be like the goddess herself, she says: … be yourself, no matter how much you desire to be like someone else, you can never be like that person. As a matter of fact, you can be better except you aren’t determined and dedicated to the course. Don’t try to be like me, but you can use me as a point of reference. Never compare yourself to someone else, just be you.


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