Kiss Daniel reveals his ideal woman and sheds more light on his style of music.

Born Oluwatobiloba Anidugbe but distinctively known as KISS DANIEL. This energetic and quite impressive musician in a short while has given the streets, club djs, party lovers and the music industry something to cheer their mood and keep their body rocking rhythmically, with his club banging and playboy single, Woju. In this interview, he shares with us why he thinks his style of music has what it takes to be different from the norm. He talks about his youthful experiences and exposition of good music. Kiss Daniel who has named his style of music ON School; a fusion of old school and present day music, states that he is on a mission to blend the past with the present in other to give Africa a taste of nutritious music – THE FUTURE. 

1) Hi, can we meet you?
I am ‘Kiss Daniel’ aka ‘kiss dope’, representing G-Worldwide Entertainment. I was born Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, second of 5 children. I’m from the west, born and raised in Abeokuta, Ogun state.
2) In absolute creativity describe yourself in one word?
3) How did you come about the name Kiss Daniel?
I wish I could cook up some interesting story on this. I got ‘Kiss’ back in school (university days), my female friends call me ‘kiss’; they think it’s cool because I’ve got a dimple on my left cheek. My friends often say  “yo D, your dimple looks like a piece of kiss.” So, I stuck the name to my real name, KISS DANIEL.

4) Being a graduate of water resources management, why the shift into the music? And at what point did you discover you had a career in music?
Honestly, FUNAAB fall my hand! I actually applied for Computer Science, but won ja mi si water. Anyways, let’s just say that happened for a reason, because if I had studied Computer Science, it would have been hard to consider music. Well, I chose music because I love it and I am sure God is in support because ever since I started professionally, it’s been great. I knew I had a career in music when I met Jahbless in 2010. Before then, music was just a thing of fun.
5) What was the reaction of your family to your decision?
My dad supported right away but my mum was indifferent. Every other family member had no choice but to support.
6) How did you come across G-Worldwide Entertainment?
Long story: I met my boss, Emperor Geezy through my brother/friend, Tumi Oseni, popularly known as ‘Slizz’. Slizz is a blessing to my career. We met a while back in Ogun State. Slizz was the best radio personnel in Ogun state back then; every artiste wanted to work with him. Slizz helped get my Demo across to G-Worldwide ENT. CEO, Emperor Geezy. He liked it, invited me over and #woju! God answered by contract.
7) Shed more light on your style of music?
My style is called ON school. ON school is a combination of old and new school music. Basically, I want to remind Africa how music used to be back in those days and at the same time not forget where we are going to.

8) Who are your musical influences?
Everyone making great music out there.
9) What are the challenges you face as a young, handsome and talented male artiste?                                                                   I used to say Opportunity, but then, it’s not quite a challenge. The main challenge is Patience; the grace to be patient for my time to come while doing the right things.

10) The Nigerian music industry is saturated, what is your cutting edge?
Mehn! Everybody is unique, and everybody is going to shine, but what sets us apart is our time. It’s not about what you have that the other doesn’t, neither is it about how commercial you are or how well you write, it’s “When God says, then it pays”. There’s only one me, ON school is my thing; if you like good music, you are definitely going to like my music.
11) What is your definition of style and how do you like to dress?
Style is an extension of one’s personality. I like to keep it simple but complex; just like my music. Don’t really do loud or flashy outfits; prefer my coverings calm and swaggy. I like extraordinary ones kicks though, fly kicks that can actually fly. I’m just kidding.

12) Where do you see your brand in five years?
Where God, and my hard work will take me. C’est fini.
13) Can you share some memorable moment with us?
There are lots of memorable moment, but I’d just share one. A long time ago, back in high school, I used to be in a group called Immortals. We were legendary… Hehe!  One day, we heard an advert on the radio about some musical contest going down In Lagos that same day, so we decided to give it a try. The instructions given over the radio was: all artiste interested should bring their demos first and then, they will contact the ones that can actually be part of the show. So, we left for Lagos that day even though we didn’t have enough money for transportation. On getting to the venue, it was crowded. The funny thing was that everyone prepared to perform that same day except us. We performed in flip flops, in front of multitude, all sweaty, and looking very unkempt. After our performance, Omo dem send us away oo. We trekked from Ikeja where the show was held, down to Iyana iPaja, got a ‘sole’ bus back to Abeokuta without holding a dime. We stalled our payment to the conductor till we got to Abeokuta. The driver asked us to do a couple of frog jumps and head on.
14) Describe your ideal woman?
A God fearing woman, with a little bit of spark, and a whole lot of booty. Me like booty… Hehe!
15) Who styles you? (If self) what do you put into consideration before styling yourself?
First, what is the weather like? Hot or cold? What’s the occasion? You don’t want to dress like a rabbit to a cocktail party. What do I think about the occasion? People can hype eh, so the best thing is my own interpretation of the occasion. How simple can I go? You don’t want to dress too simple to an occasion where you are needed to sparkle, Demma chance you with swag blood.

16)  Do you think fashion and music goes in hand, like parallel to each other?
Sure. In fact, fashion aids music. Music is everything though.

17) Will you describe yourself as a fashion person?  What intrigues you about fashion?
Ok, my immediate younger brother is a fashionista.  We used to run the business together when I was still in the university, but music stole me away from that line. The truth is, I am not a fashion person, but I like looking good always and once again, I love shoes. What intrigues me about fashion in one word, SHOES.
18) One last word for youths craving for stardom?
Be patient while doing the right thing and put God first.




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