The thrill of physically touching and being touched by another warm body, the mounting excitement toward sexual release, the climatic ecstasy of orgasm, and the pulsating, peaceful afterglow of relaxation following orgasm are all earthly and earthly delights of the flesh.

Ecstasy is not only a physical, but a psychological and sometimes spiritual experience. The etymology of the word ecstasy is ex-stasis. Sexuality is part of what makes us human. But, sex goes far beyond the powerful evolutionary instinct to procreate. Sex is also about sensual pleasure, Enjoyment, Excitement, Even ecstasy.

Human sexuality also serves both a psychological and spiritual purpose. Sex is a way of lessening our alienation, isolation and loneliness by physically connecting with penetrating or being penetrated by another person at the most primal level of existence.

When it comes to making noise in the bedroom, some people prefer silence, while others prefer to wake the neighbours.  Although the noisy types are more likely to be on the receiving end, scientists have found that sexual noises may enhance pleasures in a number of ways.

Among both men and women, people who moan and groan more during sex tend to report greater sexual satisfaction than their vocally reserved counterparts; this is because moaning is a form of non-verbal communication that helps convey your preferences to your partner. It also reassures your partner of their sexual competence and indicates that their efforts are appreciated.

From a psychological standpoint, moaning thus provides positive reinforcement for pleasurable actions, which makes them more likely to occur in the future and likely to increase everyone’s satisfaction.

Among heterosexual couples, men find the noises that women make during sex to be real turn on and those sounds may actually facilitate male orgasm. Women seem to know this and use it to their advantage. Almost two-thirds of women even went so far as to say that the noises they make during sex are intentionally aimed at helping their partner climax.

Those who make noise during sex tend to be the least apprehensive about sexual communication and the most confident in sexual skills. Thus, it is likely true that noise during sex improves sexuality, it is also probably true that people who are better at having sex tend to be the noisiest!.

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