Fashion in Recession; The new Modests and The Actual Nationals

So we recently carried out a survey in the lovable mega city of Lagos, Nigeria, to find out just how the Savvy Woman has changed her mind about fashion as the recession takes its unassuming hold.

We got very interesting responses and were able to sort we low-key “recessionalized fashion consumers” into two broad categories:

  • The New Modests: Financially unruffled, they need to look good but because of our discreet culture as Nigerians, they’re aware that others might be in a less comfy position. And so they say things like: “My dear sister I’m feeling the recession too o, in fact I have shelved virtually all items on my budget to cut cost by all means.” But yet we still see Paris’ XTW shopping bags in the front seat of their cars gingerly dabbing at us.
  • The Actual Nationals: The Nationals have taken a thriftier attitude to fashion and beauty but maintaining an indispensable need to not compromise looking and feeling good. The Nationals go:  “Ah… every disappointment is a blessing in disguise o. This recession has opened my eyes to ‘Made in Nigeria’ brands. In short ehn, I’m angry at how much I have been spending on what I can get for less. And that’s not even the best part; the products are not only cost efficient, they are varied at the same quality!”

After this quarter’s survey there’s no doubt that we’re shopping greener, happier, smarter and more loyal than before.  The vast majorities of us still consider the international trends to be “our fashion grail” but are gradually pledging our allegiance to our nation’s growing brands (to which I must pause, take off my head rest and give five resoundingly hearty cheers!).


To all us Nigerian Fashion Brand Owners outchea; 3 words, 12 letters: Quality is Key.


It is only natural for the human nature to search out standard and focus on trusted, heritage brands. In all honesty, a good percentage of Nigerians do not mind paying through their noses, if and only if … (keywords here: if, only) … what they are placing their earned naira on possess a degree of worth.


The light bulbs have finally come on and regardless of how long it has taken us; we are fast gaining the strength to trust our local creativity and fashion abilities. Together, we must strive to keep this trust unbroken.



By Folabomi

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