Trends have come and gone in many variations; there has been matching your lipstick to your nail polish, matching lips with color of outfit and the most common now is keeping your eyes, lips and cheeks within one shade of color and is definitely having its huge moment now.

To this effect, we see a lot of celebrities hitting the red carpet sporting perfectly coordinated shades.

The best part is that it’s easy to pull off. Normally rooted in beige, brown, pink, or red, it can be accomplished easily by picking a shade that looks good on your skin tone, and keeping all the other products within that color family. Not sure Makeup where to start? Simply dump out all your makeup on a flat surface and make pairs or trios. This is a great time to break into the many eye palettes you rarely use or neutral lip colors you’re not sure how to wear. Or, you can just follow these tips as rocked by some of our celebrities

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