Ireti Doyle opens up on the pain of teenage pregnancy and ties with family members

One would have thought the delectable Nollywood actress had quite a not burdensome childhood but the mother of six revealed while speaking at Harvesters International Christian Centre, Gbagada, Lagos that her family members were hard on her when she got pregnant at age 17. Ironically Ireti did say she was blessed to have people around her but these people were not family members as her mother didn’t take it lightly with her.

She told students, “You have to surround yourself with people who love and support you. I was blessed to have people around me; unfortunately, these people were not family members. My mother didn’t take it lightly with me.

Ireti further said she wouldn’t have handled it the way her mother did because she belongs to a different generation. While admitting that the situation affected her hugely which influenced her choice of friends; during the hard time she was nurtured by people she met and they constantly reminded her that her life didn’t end with that bad situation.”

She urged young girls who have experienced similar situations to remember to keep their dreams alive and go back to school after having their babies. For her, it is not about how many mistakes you make or times you fell; it is about how many times you get up.

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