Woman crush Wednesday; Adenike Ogunlesi

Today we crush on the business Mogul Adenike Ogunlesi whose success story is quite inspiring, relatable and worthy of adulation.

Adenike’s success story dates back to 1996 when she first sought to make some pyjamas for her three kids during the rainy season. These nighties, were made out of cotton, and they looked trendy, colorful, and beautifully graced with a Peter Pan collar. The frenzy around the creativity in these pyjamas, made it stand out from anything that was currently in the market. Her sister-in-law, upon seeing what she had created, couldn’t resist the beauty portrayed by the pyjamas, and asked that she makes seven (7) pyjamas for her, for a sum. This triggered a spark in Adenike, and she decided to try out this new venture; whatever it holds for her. As she embarked on this new journey, she started taking her kids clothing’s apart, to see how they were sewn together. As she figured out the sewing dynamics, she started to create beautiful patterns, which led to sewing more clothes like, trousers, shirts, shorts, and more. After dropping her kids at school, she’d attempt to sell some of the clothing she had made, from the boot of her car.As the kiddies clothing sold, her husband encouraged her to make some more for other kids, and keep pushing her new trade. She started selling her hand-made clothing at some events like bazaars, and also at school markets. When she eventually sold clothing worth $600 in one day, in a market, she finally realized that she had a business venture that could scale the ceilings of success.

As she went head-on into her new small business, she started to observe the market trends that concerned kiddies items. She soon realized that most of the items in the markets were not trendy, and the combination of clothing in one pack for a purchase was never truly beneficial to the mother purchasing the items. Armed with this knowledge, she set to grow her business, while covering the flaws of the market, through her brand. Success Story Of Adenike Ogunlesi

She got around to hire a couple of tailors to start local manufacturing of her clothing. These clothing were initially made for sale, through a supermarket.

She later set up her own store with her personal savings and a loan from her elder brother. After a good sale turnout one Christmas, she expanded her store within the same premises. This was where her real growth began.

She started to read, so she could expand her knowledge. This eventually led her to attend a course on customer experience, and supply chain management. Not long after, she opened a second store, then a third store, and eventually a fourth in Abuja. Over time, she eventually set up stores in Port Harcourt, Ibadan, and Kano.

Her long-term brand, Ruff ‘n’ Tumble, which manufactures children clothing, today employs over 200 people and has grown to add two more clothing brands, named, NaijaBoysZ and Trendsetters to their collection.

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