Since Nnamdi Kanu is still missing I think it is important to do a throwback of how this all started. Recall the events of the civil war, especially with IPOB now treading a similar path. We only just marked our 57th-year independence as a nation but we can’t shy away from the fact that our unity is under threat. Unity as regards to peace, whether or not we get to stay isn’t the issue to discuss but where that leaves us if it happens. Is IPOB

How it all began?

One of the prominent events in the history of Nigeria is the Civil war that occurred over half-century ago when the Eastern part of Nigeria comprising the Igbo ethnic group tried to cede from Nigeria to form another sovereign state that was called the Biafra Republic. Although the ideology failed, the war which was brutal claimed millions of lives and properties. The bitter memory loses from the war still lingers in the hearts of the victims and till today impressed upon their generations in other to birth continuous resentment towards Nigeria.  It isn’t farfetched why Nigeria today faces a resurgent of the same ideology across the Igbo south east agitating for an Independent Biafra State led by Nnamdi Kanu as its leader.

Under the current administration of President Buhari, political grudges have immersed. It is practically evident that most of the key political offices and key organs would hardly be administered by an Igbo indigene. These government actions confirm their worries as they see themselves as a group being rejected by the state. This attacks their societal esteem as a people.

What the future holds?

It is uncertain; the solution to this growing problem depends much on the federal government. Using coercive measures and oppression could lead to indigenous support and pity by the people in the region resulting in harmony thereby blazing more tension that could escalate into something bigger. In the meantime, the government should desist from further threats of quelling the agitators and release unconditionally several IPOB members currently in detention. The government should also ensure that the nation’s resources are equally allocated to all the regions to enhance the equal development of all regions in the country.

Above all, the leaders of the south-east must be more responsive to their people and their needs by embarking on programs that will aid economic development and also help in solving the problem of youth unemployment in the region.


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