Psqaure’s rift an account of blood ties or money?

Though it looks definite, it is still too foggy to reach a conclusion as to whether or not we have seen the end of Psquare, the singing and dancing duo that has given Africans so much to mime and dance to for over a decade. Since a fortnight ago the social media has been buzzing with different reports as to what brought about the breakup and which of the identical twin brothers will stay relevant when the deed is done. While it is arguable that the brothers might have gone past reaching a workable compromise, it is yet to be seen how much influence their elder brother (Jude) has on the way forward. Another cankerworm that may be drastically eating deep into their already ill relationship can be proportioned to the unfounded stories and questions published by the press. Like Dbanj as said, “Brothers will always fight and get back as brothers, but the media should not write negative stories in a bid to make money off the headlines.” Makes sense, yeah?

What do the brothers think? Paul has been on social media to say he refused to be blackmailed into another settlement. He made reference to having being diplomatically coerced to putting Peter on the video of Bank Alert. Peter, on the other hand, has moved on to endorsing himself as Mr. P and might have even signed a record deal with a United States based recording label, Empire. Jude who has expressed some maturity by not saying too much to the press, perhaps because he just became a father has been painted as unfair for pitching his younger brother’s back against each other. He is expected to be a leader.

It can be recalled that in the early days of this issue, it was argued that Peter’s wife Lola was the reason for their disagreement. Contrary to this, neither of parties involved has pointed an accusing finger to any other wives this time. The questions remain:

What really went wrong? Who takes the greater blame? Should family break away because of business?

Here is what I think, I think they got too comfortable making music all about family business and without structure for too long that they lost the value of serenity in their humanity.

What do you think?



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